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Why do Koreans love online gambling so much, and what games do they play the most?

Why do Koreans love online gambling so much, and what games do they play the most?

Gambling remains a controversial topic in South Korea as the government struggles to strike a balance between the prevalent cultural and religious norms validated by the legislature and the wide majority of locals’ fondness for gambling.

So while the government has imposed strict restrictions on gambling, the locals are allowed to gamble in only one land-based casino in the country in Kagwon Land. All the other casinos are only for foreigners touring the country.

The popularity of online gambling in Korea

Meanwhile, the number of players using online sites for gambling is increasing, and the number of casino operators is also growing to cater to the growing customer base. In light of strict prohibitory measures imposed by the government on gambling, let’s look at the other factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of online casinos.

  • Online casinos offer individuals a safe and convenient way to gamble. Since the locals are not allowed in the land-based casinos, with the exception of one, they can easily gamble using the online casino sites to
  • Online casinos in Korea offer a wide range of games that are liked by the majority of the residents. The sites feature multiple variations of traditional games. All the popular games like slots, poker and roulette etc., have been played by the locals for a long time, and now they enjoy the multiple variations of these games online.
  • The gambling sites have user-friendly interfaces, and the sites are compatible with multiple devices, including pcs, laptops and mobile. So, individuals can access them from anywhere.
  • The online mediums offer individuals a safe and private way to gamble without leaving their homes. Individuals do not have to travel anywhere and thus save money. Gambling in a live casino can be expensive as one has to set aside expenses for travel and hotel stays. Meanwhile, their identity remains hidden as well.

The most common games played by Koreans.

Online casinos feature a wide selection of games that are traditionally played in brick-and-mortar casinos. Some of the games played most commonly include

Poker: The popularity of this card game is reflective of its large-scale playing frequency on the sites. Even before the game was introduced to the locals online, it was played commonly in the households, and thus most of the locals are familiar with and quite fond of the game.

Slots: slots remain one of the best and high-traffic generating games on casino sites in Korea. They come in multiple designs and features and are perhaps the most appealing and exciting game amongst all the casino games. The excitement factor is further enhanced by the random outcome of the game, as everyone is at the same level despite the difference in experience level.

Roulette: Online casinos offer multiple betting variations for roulettes. While the format of the game is easy to understand, people can get large payouts.  Online 우리카지노 offer the gamblers to play with a live dealer too, and individuals can place various types of bets, including split bet, corner and street bet etc.

Blackjack: Korean’s love for card games continues as blackjack is also added to the list of the most popular games played in the casinos. However, unlike poker, while one does need to learn the game, the betting types etc., the outcome isn’t very much dependent on skill or tactical playing.


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