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What are the biggest sports betting wins on soccer games?

What are the biggest sports betting wins on soccer games?

Some people get into betting or judi bola on soccer as they dream of winning a consistent amount of money. That way they can quit their day jobs and gamble full-time.

Others get into sports betting on soccer as they have heard about enormous amounts of money won on certain games. So much money, in some cases, the person only ever had to win that one time to be set up for life.

What are these biggest sports betting wins on soccer, and who actually won them?


Mick Gibbs bets 30 pence — One of the most astounding sports bets on soccer ever recorded was one made by a British man called Mike Gibbs.


He bet 30 pence, or the equivalent of approximately 39 cents, on the outcome of 15 games. In order to win the parlay bet, however, he had to be correct on the results of every one of the games.


When the last game was played, and Bayern Munich was declared the winner, Mick Gibbs walked away with the equivalent of $784,000.


Adrian Hayward — Another British man had a dream about a Liverpool game and, when he woke up, he went to his local betting shop and placed a bet of £200 on the outcome of that dream.


Not only did his dream come true, but Adrian Hayward won £25,000 as the odds he bet on were 125-1.


A bet on the Africa Cup of Nations — With less than 16 minutes left in a game with Angola against Mali, Angola had scored four goals while Mali was still at nil.

At that point, one bettor decided to gamble big on the outcome of the game being a draw and placed a bet of £5.

In just over 15 minutes, Mali came from behind and scored four goals, while Angola was not able to score another one. That meant the game ended in a 4-4 draw.

The person who had put all of his faith in Mali being able to come back from such a loss won £5,000.


Anonymous bettor believes in Leceister City — By mid-season back in 2015, British soccer club Leceister City was not doing well. So badly was the team performing, it did not seem possible they had any chance of winning the Premiere League.


One anonymous Leceister City fan felt otherwise, however, and he bet £100 on the team winning the league.

Soon after his bet was placed, Leceister City’s performance turned around and the team was suddenly winning game after game.

By the time the season ended, the underdog had won the league title. The anonymous bettor had also won £200,000 on his original £100 bet.

While one of the biggest sports betting wins on soccer may not ever be yours, these wins do prove you should never give up hope.



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