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Ways of Moving Up Stakes in Poker

Ways of Moving Up Stakes in Poker

Moving up stakes is something you ought to do once you are comfortable with your bankroll and current limits. Once you have decided it is time to level up, here are three different methods of doing it. They all have a valuable thing to offer; hence you may borrow from them to move up stakes in poker.


  1. Move Up by Blending Your Games


Blended games are a way you can use to increase your poker online terpercaya stakes. Think of the method as adding cold water to a boiling bath, making it comfortable. The combination of several buy-ins in your sessions permits you to uphold some ease while challenging your skills enough to move the stakes altogether.


  1. Move Up by Testing the Waters


This method is more like throwing a child into a pool to cure him of his fear. If you possess enough money for buy-ins, you can bet at any level you like. In this instance, you do not require a specific size of bankroll or skill level. You also do not need to be good. In case you need to test the water at bets beyond your capabilities, go ahead. The experience is worth it.


If you make a quick try at stakes just above your bet level, you will not be too scared after seeing the talent levels. This is the most exceptional technique to overcome mental blocks of moving up; jump in with both feet against the pros and get over with.


What is the downside to trying this method? You will probably play at a big handicap, and you are hit a lot. Many players in this position get tense or just start playing and bluffing. However, the best part of this strategy is – you can save and go back to the original bet level at any time.


  1. Move Up by Using the Mass Tabling Method


Another technique you can try to move up in bets is the mass table. This means you load many tables, as long as you can handle them. For this method to work, you must have a screen and a shortcut program such as AHK or Table Ninja. These programs assist you in tracking tables, mark tables that require your attention, and plan things like bet amounts. Another thing to do is to change your strategy. You cannot play poker – you must play with a fold/push strategy. There simply is not enough time to contemplate and make logical decisions with several tables ready.




Ultimately, you can increase your stake if you have the financial, psychological, and competent capacity to do so. The surest way to increase your stake is to study and play a lot every day. As long as you are checking your profit rate and ROI on the go and committing to reduce the stake if your move does not sync properly, you are doing it correctly.


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