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Two Common Roulette Strategies

Two Common Roulette Strategies

The House Has The Odds

As fun as Roulette is to play, it must be stated that the game is naturally, by design, is in favor of the house. Much like flipping a coin, where the probability of a heads or tails is always 50% no matter how many times you have flipped or how much you think you have proven that ‘tails-never-fails,’ every pass of the Roulette ball was the exact same one-in-thirty-eight odds of landing in your chosen slot and making you a winner. If we approach the game with the understanding that the house is mathematically in a better spot to win (they have thirty-seven-to-thirty-eight odds compared to your one-in-thirty-eight) then we can better understand the overall game and begin to look at techniques and strategies that aren’t sure fire cures to losing, but may help you more successfully approach the tactics of such a fun game!

Common Roulette Strategies

Martingale Betting System – By far the most common approach to betting, the Martingale system has been around for a long time and has been making big winners and big losers in the process. Here’s how it works: Let’s say that you are betting on Red at the Roulette table, on an even-money-bet, and putting down 10$ to do that. If you are lucky enough to hit Red and win, you bet 10$ again, if you don’t have the luck and lose, you bet 20$ on the next roll, lose that and bet 40$, lose that and bet 80$. Doubling your bet after losing hands can double your payout after a win but it also has obvious long term, big loss, worry that it carries with it. It is best to implement this strategy when the minimum bet is low and you can keep doubling without eating the entirety of your bank-roll up. High risk, high reward.

Reverse Martingale Betting System – Instead of riding negatives like the standard Martingale system, the reverse rides positive wins by doubling the bet following each successful bet. This style of betting can make the experience more enjoyable as it feels like you are positively reinforcing a hot table and not just putting more money down after losses. Similar to the Martingale, bet a color on an even-money-bet and if you hit, bet the same color with double the bet that you just played. The key to the Reverse Martingale System is having a set number where you will walk away from the table. If you get greedy and keep doubling, eventually the house will win your purse.

Go In With A Plan to Come Out Happy

The two strategies that we have looked at don’t design complete success, however, they enter the field with a game plan that can increase odds and aid in covering a gain in the bank-roll over time. It is imperative that you go into the game of Roulette,e.g. while playing on bandar sbobet, with a strategy and you stick to it. Bailing on your plan when you’re down could be just the moment when your luck is about to change. Most of all, have fun and good luck! Win Big!


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