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The Popular Sports In the Booming Sports Betting Industry

The Popular Sports In the Booming Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting is something that has drastically grown in popularity recently. The most common form of sports betting is fantasy sports. This is where people get to select the players they want on their team via a draft, and they compete against other drafted teams throughout the season and win money if they win their league. This is played across most sports, with the most popular fantasy sports being Football, Baseball, and Basketball.


Now with sports gambling being legalized in different states across the country thanks to sites like https://portalapostasesportivas.com.br/aplicativo-de-apostas-conheca-os-melhores-e-mais-confiaveis-do-mercado/, it has become much more popular. In the past sports gambling would still occur, but it would be done illegally through a “bookie” rather than a casino. Now sports gambling has been deemed legal in multiple states throughout the last year and has grown rapidly.


Popular Sports to Bet On by Volume


  1. Soccer

The sports that are most bet on are the ones that are most watched. Most fans like to place wagers on the team they root for, which adds an extra incentive for them to root on their team. This is why Soccer is the most popular sport to bet on in the world. Soccer is very popular in Europe and many other spots in the world and has the largest viewer base of any other sports. This large viewer base has led to many wagers being made on Soccer games and makes it the most popular sport to bet on.


  1. Tennis

The second sport is Tennis. Tennis is another sport that is popular in many spots across the world, and the bets that are offered for Tennis are relatively simple. Most Tennis bets are made on who will win the match rather than total points scored or a margin of victory. The simplicity that accompanies Tennis bets and the large viewer base makes it the second most popular sport to bet on.


  1. Football

The third sport is Football. Football is by far the most popular sport in the United States, which makes it a very popular sport to bet on. Football would be higher on the list, but it is not as popular across the world. It is mainly consumed by Americans which is why it is number three on the list, but if it had the same viewer base as Soccer and Tennis, it would definitely be number one.


  1. Horse Racing

Horse Racing is number four. Horse Racing is often a popular sport to bet on because of the simplicity of it and the major events that are associated with Horse Racing. Events such as the Kentucky Derby have made Horse Racing very popular, and the simplicity of just picking winning horses have made this fun for novice fans to bet on.


  1. Basketball

Basketball is the fifth most popular sport. This is very similar to football, but it is not as popular in the United States. The lack of popularity in the United States has put basketball lower on the list, but the viewership outside of the United States has also boosted it since this sport is not an American dominated sport.


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