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How to win at domino qq when you are new to online casinos

How to win at domino qq when you are new to online casinos

Being new to online gameplay of agen dominoqq is an interesting experience. After all, you expect to register with an online casino and start playing the way you have always played domino qq at home.

When you find playing the game online is markedly different than playing offline, however, it can shake your confidence quickly. Here are some strategies to help you win at domino qq online far easier. Even if you are new to the game.


Stick to the lower level games — A good domino qq player will usually start their online career by heading to the level of stakes they are used to playing. This will usually result in them losing continuously.


The best way to ease yourself into playing the game online is to start out with the lower stakes rooms. This will enable you to get comfortable with that particular casino’s domino qq software. It will also help you get used to the types of players you will be playing against.


Remember, you can always move up when you feel you have achieved all you can achieve in the lower level games.


Be strict with your daily gambling allowance — Managing your bankroll is key when it comes to being able to play as often as you like. This can be as simple as calculating your daily gambling allowance, and walking away as soon as that money is spent.


Make sure you have at least 20 buy-ins per session — You need at least 20 buy-ins to be able to make any headway when it comes to playing domino qq online.

Calculate how much money that means you need to have, and never begin playing until you have at least that much.


Play in more rooms — Before you move up to higher stakes games, you should start playing more than one room at once. This is something that is easily done online, whereas it is impossible to do in an offline domino qq game.

It does require quite a bit of focus but, if you feel the lower level games are not as challenging anymore, this can increase the challenge. Plus give you more chances of winning a game.


Always play aggressively — Part of a good strategy of winning at domino qq online is to psych out your opponents. This can often be done by always playing aggressively and confidently.

A confident player will often upset a player that is not as sure of his skills. This in turn will cause him to make mistakes, or to make plays that are doomed to fail.

Start out each game aggressively and keep up this type of gameplay every time you get online.

You will even notice after doing this for a few weeks, not only are your opponents completely unnerved when playing against you, but that you are genuinely more confident as a result.


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