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History Of Gambling in Indonesia

History Of Gambling in Indonesia

As we all know, Indonesia is conceivably the most unusual nation in the world. One of the reasons being that the country stretches between two continents (Oceania and Asia). What is even more unusual with this nation is, instead of being one landmass, it comprises of a series of more than 17, 500 islands. These islands are joined together to form the countries thirty-four provinces.


Similar to its unusual location and form, betting and gambling are unusual in many ways. For starters, the Indonesian government has stretched to great lengths to end legal gambling and ban it and all its forms.


The beginning


Coin and card games that integrated elements of betting were introduced to Indonesia for the first time around seven hundred years ago. This was at a time when the Chinese had a great influence in the region. By this time, betting was already common in China which made it easy for it to spread through Indonesia.


Around the 14th century, things began to change as religion was becoming more prevalent in the region. This marked the beginning of the conflict between religion and gambling in Indonesia. A conflict that is in play even today.


The legal matters


After the country gained its independence back in 1960, gambling was rising at a steady rate seeing that the laws were lenient across the country. It is correct to say that it was only during this brief period that Indonesia has ever enjoyed liberalization in terms of gambling. Additionally, during this time, most gambling laws were decided at the local level.


By 1973, things had drastically changed as the government was now reverting to religious traditions. During this time, betting permits were being revoked. This situation has continued up to date. What situation am I talking about? Yes! Under Indonesian law, betting is entirely illegal.


However, this does not in any way mean that gambling does not happen; actually, it is pretty common. However, it is a crime to gamble in Indonesia, and is, therefore, indictable under the law. The law followed in the country that also forbids all forms of gambling is the Sharia Law. Although it faces much opposition, the Sharia Law is still being upheld.


Forms of betting in Indonesia


Despite gambling being illegal in Indonesia, there are numerous casino games available for citizens of Indonesia. On these game slot online Indonesia sites people can place bets on sporting events and play table games, similar to what you would find anywhere else in the world.


In Indonesia, the most popular form of gambling is horse racing, where bets are placed through underground networks. Nevertheless, it is also not legal, but the public views it as a more acceptable form betting when compared to others.


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