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When to Bet Preflop in Online Poker

When to Bet Preflop in Online Poker

Betting preflop in online poker is an art, get it right and you can build your bankroll steadily. If you get it wrong however, you could be shipping your chips across the table and be wiped out in short order.

Here are some tips as to when to bet preflop in online poker;

If you have eliminated all the distractions in your game, then you can easily spot weaker players at the online poker table. These players will often do the same thing over and over, many times without even realizing it. When you notice that a weaker player is folding their blinds regardless the size of the raise, then you have the chance to make some money preflop. When you see this player in the blinds, bet preflop to get them to fold so you scoop some easy chips.

Perhaps you have been playing at the poker table a while and you notice this one player is too busy to pay attention because they are chatting with other players. This player could not care less about pot odds, and usually are betting on a whim. If they are in the hand before the flop, make a decent size raise. The benefit is this, if they call, you know they have something and you can escape with minimal damage. If they fold, you can dictate the play from here out.

Perhaps you have been getting junk hands for an hour and have not been in too many big hands. Now is the time to set the table and strike while the rest of the table is not paying attention. If you have the table persona of someone who plays tight, then you could make a raise preflop and scare off even those players with hands. When you have a 4 6 off suit and you make a raise before the flop, the players with connected hands may think twice about getting involved with you. Do this sporadically for maximum effect.

If you have identified a player who likes bluffing and you see they are falling into a pattern during a hand before the flop, you could bet to push them to the test. If you have been watching long enough, you discover that they make continuation bets on the flop and then usually by the turn they check and fold. Keep pushing the action until they lay down the hand and you could make a really nice score at their expense.

One of the ways to get maximum value on a monster hand is to not slow play the action. If you have a pair of aces, instead of checking preflop, bet big. You might get a caller or two who have hands and maybe they connect. If you have the nuts, you can act like you missed and check, then bombs away on the river to win more.

Knowing when to bet preflop in online poker 99 will give you the chance to take control of more pots and bank more money. Once you develop this into a habit, you can start to dictate the action any time that you feel like it.



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