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As a beginner to online poker, which stakes should you start at?

As a beginner to online poker, which stakes should you start at?

Four Simple Tips For Beginners To Gain A Competitive Edge With Online Poker

Online poker, or otherwise known as poker online uang asli, could appear to be more complicated than it looks at first glance. Playing online poker could be somewhat more difficult compared to poker at the dining room table. More importantly, though, you can achieve a few good wins as long as you follow some simple rules.


1) Low-Stakes

You need to set up clear guidelines about how much you are willing to stake, as a beginner. A low-stakes game is not the same for others. What one person considers low-stakes is what someone else could consider something higher.

That is why it all depends on the player and how much they are willing to bet. Some beginners are going to lose a lot during the beginning sessions. That is part of the equation, so you need to expect that. Setting up a low-stakes game, for the first few sessions, is a great way to keep perspective, learn the ropes, and reduce the stress.

Online poker is supposed to be fun. However, when you have a few losing sessions early on, some players tend to feel stressed out. They feel the universe is not working for them. Once again, this is part of the process. You have to expect this until you gain more knowledge, insight, and playing practice with the game.

2) One Table

Some players find a benefit in playing more than one table online at once. However, that could serve as a disadvantage to a beginner. You are just starting to learn the ropes. Many consider playing many tables at once to be similar to swimming in the deep end of the ocean(so to speak).

Concentrate on one table until you have learned everything you need to know to move on. I know it can seem like one table could be holding you back. However, in some instances, it could be just the opposite.

Playing one table could set you up for bigger wins down the road. Play it cool. Concentrate on one thing at a time before you try something harder.


3)Fewer Distractions

You need to play with as few distractions as you can. I know you want to binge-watch the final season of “Game of Thrones”, but you should do that after you have played. One mistake beginners make is they assume they can handle playing online poker and everything else they are doing. You cannot. You are going to make fewer mistakes if you create a distraction-free zone now.



Keep your area and mind as positive as you can. Positivity will help you master online poker much easier. The fewer negative vibes lend to a more positive outcome.


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