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Top 3 Tricks To Help You Exploit The Tag Playstyle In Online Poker

Top 3 Tricks To Help You Exploit The Tag Playstyle In Online Poker

TAG playing style, also known as a tight aggressive play, is an invention of the modern day poker. TAG poker is not an easy technique to use because it requires a lot of patience. This technique applies to both pre-flop and post-flip play tricks. Long ago the game was not quite challenging and with just a tight style of play, you could have won a lot of money. However, things have changed in the recent past and the play has become tougher making it difficult to even win a single play.

If you are therefore planning to engage in the tag playing style, there quite a range of approaches that you may need to learn to win the game. However, understanding and implementing an aggressive approach may not be a simple task. It requires more trials and errors to help understand and master out the trick. Once you have gotten the concepts, you can really make a good amount of money out of the play.

If you therefore want to incur huge profits from the game, then you may consider applying the tricks highlighted here in in your play.

  1. Defend your button

Well, most TAGs players dislike playing out of position. With the dealer button on your side, it is certain that you will have a better position compared to other players in the table. If a TAG opportunity presents itself, take advantage of it and use it to your maximum gain.

In case a situation arises where your opponent folds 75% of the time, play confidently and secure yourself a profitable long term profit.

  1. Steal the blinds

Since TAGS do not play out of position, being in the blinds definitely means that they will have a poor post-flop position to defend their opponents.

Instead, these players just look at their cards and fold them most of the times. Look for instances where you can steal blinds from tight players to use against them.

Using the basic poker math, you will find out that as soon as you are on your button, your cards are totally meaningless as long as the opponent is going to fold his blind. Be creative and look beyond your own cards. Make sure you look for favorable chances to steal your opponents’ blinds to scoop huge profits.

  1. Raise continuation bets

This technique involves placing a bet on the flop even if your hand has hit the flop real hard. The TAGs will always have a 100% continuation bets on certain types of boards.

Amazingly, these similar boards may make it difficult to have a rigid hand.

Well, you do not have to torture yourself with hard algorithms to raise a TAGS continuation bet on your board. Playing tight does not imply playing premium hands. You need to get a strategy to play a low number of pots. You can win the play by raising with only two cards.

The journey to becoming an amazing poker online qq player should first start with playing the TAG style. TAG playstyle can be a bit challenging sometimes but as soon as you are familiar with the tricks, you will definitely be able to turn the tables around on your favor. Simply take some time to learn the tricks before engaging in the play. You may consider watching some online moves made by some of the high stake players.


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