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How To Understand Variance In Online Poker

How To Understand Variance In Online Poker

One of the more important terms in Poker is variance. Unfortunately, this term is often a source of confusion. So what exactly is variance? How does it impact your game? These questions and more will be answered in this article – but if you already know what it is, you can head over to togel singapura online and try your luck!

What Is Variance?

Variance is a measure of how differently you performed as compared to your expected result. In the context of Poker, variance can mean a couple of different things.

  • You are dealt a great hand, therefore you are expected to win at a higher percentage.
  • You place extremely high, or low amounts of money on a game.

Essentially, variance boils down to the contrast between the earnings that you expected, and what you actually earned.

How Does Variance Impact My Game?

Variance impacts your game by controlling the amount of money that you earn based on the cards in your hands. This could either benefit or hinder you depending on the circumstances.

Real Life Situations

There is a player, we’ll call him Mark, who was dealt two aces ten times in a row. Given these cards, Mark was expected to win about 85 percent of the games he played in, or eight to nine out of these ten games. Whenever Mark actually played, he won six games and was elated about his success. Mark was shocked to find out that he did not win nearly as much as expected.

Next, There is a player, Jim who bets several hundred dollars on each game. He played ten games, and the results are as follows:

$400 $-350 $-200 $625 $-375 $100 $-225 $700 $-200 $-800 $425

Jim’s highest earning game was 700 dollars, but he had a -800 dollar loss. This is an example of a player with high variance.


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