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The Basics of Online Domino Poker

The Basics of Online Domino Poker

When talking about poker one would not believe that there would be a variation of the popular card game played with dominos, called 99domino. But contrary to the belief, there is just that and with the popularity of online gaming increasing every minute it comes as no surprise that domino poker would join the ranks. The only differences of online domino poker and regular poker are the fact that you are using dominos and the difference in hand rankings.

Starting Out

Before a game of domino poker can be played the double-one and blank tiles must be removed. Players then submit the games predetermined ante and create limits for raising prior to game start.

The dealer then shuffles the facedown dominos and deals each player 5 tiles. Then, in turn, each player makes the following moves based on their hand:

Initial Bet

The initial bet is permitted only during the first round and each player places an amount that they want to wager.


When a player states that they want to raise this means that a higher wager amount will be put into the pot. For players to remain in the hand they must either bet the equal raised amount or an amount that is higher than the raised amount.


When a player folds they are dropping out of the games hand and are no longer allowed to participate until the next game is dealt. Folding also requires a player to not show their dealt hand.


Checking is accomplished after the first bet amounts are placed. When a player checks they aren’t required to bet but remain in the game.


Calling is made by a player after all players have put the same amount of wager into the pot. All players then show their hands to reveal the winner of the pot.

Domino hands consist of the following ranks:

Straight Sixes

Doubles consisting of 6-6, 5-5, 4-4, 3-3, 2-2

A royal hand

Straight fives

Four-of-a-Kind (Only one player can have a four-of-a-kind)

Four doubles

Consecutive suits with a six on each tile

Consecutive suits with a five on each tile

Full House

Straight Fours

Consecutive suits with a four on the end

Three doubles



Single pair

Same suit on either side of tile

Two doubles with any other mix of tiles

For doubles, they are ranked with the 2-2 being the lowest and 6-6 as the highest of the possible doubles.

The Heaviest

The heaviest tile is when the highest double is made if other hands are made. This then determines the winner. So if no other high hands are made whoever has the highest double wins the pot.

If players fail to show a double, then the player with the highest single tile wins the pot.


With over 1,860,480 hand possibilities out of a set of five doubles, odds are that players will not be able to obtain any straights, royal hands or a significant amount of doubles to be able to create a high hand. It is almost guaranteed to be a game of bluff more than a game of odds.


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